Is Your Community Ready For The Autonomous Vehicle Age?

The time to plan is NOW.

If your city hasn’t begun planning for autonomous vehicles, it's not too late -- but the time for urgency is fast approaching.

Autonomous Vehicle Whitepaper
autonomous car

A Brave New World...

The same pandemic that hit “pause” on both transit and the economy hit “fast-forward” on autonomous vehicle development and testing.

For urban planners and city administrators alike, this is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It means that cities need to revamp their urban and transportation plans to accommodate vehicle automation, and do it quickly.

Here's What's Inside:

The autonomous-vehicle future is closer than you think. Self-driving vehicles promote greener cities by reducing carbon emissions, create safer streets for both drivers and pedestrians, promote mobility, improve curb management, and much more.

Download our paper and learn more about the benefits of automated vehicles and why your city should be planning now, for the autonomous future of tomorrow.


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