Insulating The

Building Envelope

Improving Energy Performance and Thermal Comfort

As energy costs continue to rise, and as energy performance continues to be a priority for both owners and tenants, efficiency is a competitive advantage. 

Insulating The Building Envelope

Beyond The Baseline

Standing against rain, snow, wind, and sun, the building envelope helps determine the building’s overall performance. Insulating it properly — by going above the code minimum — is a good way to ensure that the structure operates at the optimal level.

During envelope design, the same question often arises: should we go beyond prescriptive- or performance-based code insulation criteria and, if so, by how much? We crunched the numbers.

Here's What's Inside:

Going above the code minimum is a good way to ensure that your structure operates at the optimal level. But too much of a good thing can result in expenses that don’t offer an adequate return and can create clumsy design features.

Download our case study to learn how WGI and Lake Flato found the sweet spot on a recent project:

  • Reduced peak cooling loads by over 9%
  • Reduced peak heating loads by over 10%
  • Improved overall performance in extreme weather conditions
  • Achieved equipment and ongoing energy cost savings
  • ... and much more!

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