Not Your College Dorm:

An Analysis of Co-Living and Affordable Housing Options

Rising housing prices throughout the United States have become an undeniable reality. Florida's metropolitan areas have been stealing the spotlight, as it currently boasts jaw-dropping increases to the annual averages of housing costs, rental prices, and living expenses. However, this eyebrow-raising trend extends far beyond the Sunshine State. So, what can developers and planners do to revamp their strategies amidst this uncertainty?

Our latest whitepaper: “Not Your College Dorm: An Analysis of Co-Living and Affordable Housing Options,” reintroduces a surprising solution that is making a remarkable comeback! Co-living properties are offering developers newfound dynamic flexibility, a crucial attribute to possess in today's market.

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The Revitalization of Co-Living

As urban life grows more and more expensive, co-living spaces are making a massive comeback, offering a budget-friendly haven for city dwellers. These innovative living arrangements are slashing rental prices by 15-30%, giving people the chance to thrive in bustling locales without breaking the bank.

In a world where frugality is key, developers are turning to the diverse options that co-living facilities offer. These flexible properties are capable of catering to different lifestyles and budget constraints, which ultimately improve a developer's bottom line. This modern housing solution offers a glimmer of hope to many, as it combats the affordability crisis currently engulfing our nation and pricing millions out of the option to live in or near downtown city areas.

What's Inside

Get ready for the exciting comeback of co-living facilities, set to revolutionize development portfolios across the nation! WGI's suite of comprehensive services and professional expertise enables us to offer valuable solutions as we guide you through the various challenges you may encounter when tackling a co-living development project.
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