Between the Everglades and the Ocean: South Florida's Environmental Guidelines

Protocols for surveying, permitting,and relocating are more stringent than ever.

Qualified engineers and scientists who are experts in all things land and water are essential to meeting these demanding development standards and protecting not only the environment, but your project.

Between the Everglades and the Ocean

Here's What's Inside

Whether it’s trees and vegetation, burrowing owls, stormwater management, contamination, or wetland mitigation, there’s plenty to consider when developing land in South Florida.

In today’s market, developers need qualified scientists and seasoned engineers if they want to meet the encyclopedic array of guidelines at the local, state, and federal levels. A consultant working from a boilerplate checklist isn’t enough. Today’s development demands the services of professionals who are experts, experts like those on staff at WGI.

Download our paper and discover how WGI's experience and expertise can play a vital role in protecting your project and the environment.

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